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This was my first blog as an early career teacher in educational technology. The content in the blog is no longer updated.



4 comments on “Classroom Home

  1. Hello, any chance you still have your NSW foundation fonts available? I am after the foundation cursive (joined) font. Thanks!

  2. Thankyou so much for this onnline teaching resource that you have created. So many ideas and so many fun activities to do in the classroom. I am looking for the fonts section in your resource…preferably foundation font. If you are able to tell me what section it is in.

  3. I absolutely love your webpage – so user friendly.
    Have you used K-3 Teacher Resources?
    I have recommended the site to many teachers I work with.
    I will be sharing your fantastic site with my current and future caseload schools.
    Janine Lockhart, DSTLA Numeracy
    Maitland Learning Support Centre
    HCC Region
    Phone/Fax: 0249348211

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