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This was my first blog as an early career teacher in educational technology. The content in the blog is no longer updated.



3 comments on “Classroom Home

  1. Thankyou so much for this onnline teaching resource that you have created. So many ideas and so many fun activities to do in the classroom. I am looking for the fonts section in your resource…preferably foundation font. If you are able to tell me what section it is in.

  2. I absolutely love your webpage – so user friendly.
    Have you used K-3 Teacher Resources?
    I have recommended the site to many teachers I work with.
    I will be sharing your fantastic site with my current and future caseload schools.
    Janine Lockhart, DSTLA Numeracy
    Maitland Learning Support Centre
    HCC Region
    Phone/Fax: 0249348211

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