Authoring and Multimedia

Authoring and multimedia in the classroom is what I believe to be one of the most engaging ICT teaching and learning topics, in which students are motivated to create professional products with a variety of media and effects.

This ICT topic is enjoyable, and interactive, and can be linked to learning in all key learning areas, as well as meeting relevant technology outcomes in English, and Science and Technology.

Students can use text, graphics, animation, and video to create a presentation. There are many types of software and online tools that can achieve this purpose in the classroom. Video editing software such as imovie can be used, which provides more advanced editing features for students. There is also more simple forms of software such as slide animation software, which can also create similar presentations. While the software is limited into how students can use multimedia and effects, it’s ease of use is beneficial in the classroom, particularly for the younger stages, and when time constraints need to be taken into consideration.

The major benefit however, is that students construct and revise knowledge whilst creating multimedia products, and it provides many problem solving teaching and learning experiences. Students are required to use higher order thinking as they synthesize and analyse content to construct their representations.  In addition to this presenting the content in multiple ways allows students to be creative.

The authoring and multimedia workshop was based on using an online based program called Animoto. The program includes an easy to use interface where students can upload images and add audio to create an animated slideshow presentation. This is another great teaching resource that includes a teacher and student login system so that teachers can assign and monitor tasks.

It is clear that there are increasingly more education tools becoming available online which are excellent for assigning, and monitoring students work. However, i do feel that ICT in the primary classroom should only use such resources as appropriate. I believe that many software applications, particularly Mac software, should also be utilised as students have more advanced options for presenting their knowledge, and therefore more opportunity to synthesize and analyse knowledge, and learn more complex skills.

The following is an example of an Animoto presentation I created in the workshop based on bullying


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