Digital Documents

In todays ICT workshop we were first introduced to the concept of Digital Documents through focusing on PDF documents. In the past I have been aware of PDF files, particularly within the context of viewing material on the internet. But having the opportunity to have a closer look at PDF documents, their purpose and capabilities has assisted my understanding, into the large array of ways in which digital documents can be created in the classroom.

A big learning curve was the realization that you do not need commercial graphics software to create digital documents in the K-6 classroom. Word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, and Pages, and Presentation programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, and Keynote have powerful inbuilt graphic tools which can be used to create affective digital documents. These applications also have the in built capabilities of saving the documents as PDF files, instantly publishing the digital document. This can be used a great resource in the classroom for printing and displaying work in the classroom, or publishing and sharing work on a class website.

Todays workshop was based on the topic of ‘digital documents’, and was focused on creating online digitalposters. It was extremely beneficial as it provided us with the opportunity to explore free online tools designed specifically for creating digital documents. The teacher resource we used was Web Poster Wizard, which is a free tool designed for educators.

I believe this resource is excellent as teachers are able to create a login account and create a lesson through assigning a project. in our workshop we were assigned the task of creating a poster on drug awareness, a great way of using ICT with PE! The website provides an easy to use interface for students who login to the assigned teacher created scaffold. Students simply pick a background color, write a heading and information, upload a picture, and add links.

It is another great resource which transforms learning, without the need for students to focus solely on learning the ICT skills, as the simple tool allows them to create and focus on the content from the key learning area. The simplicity also means that the resource could also be effectively used within the younger stages of the primary years.

In addition to this as students complete their work it is immediately published online and published to the teachers account. A great way to keep track of students progress! This is a resource I would certainly use in the classroom!

Here is an example of a poster created using this resource about the dangers of smoking:


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