Digital Photos . . . How Sweet It Is!

Having a sweet tooth, when I was told that we would be working with lollies in our ICT workshop I was rather enthusiastic! The focus of the workshop was iphoto, where we had the opportunity to take digital photographs of lollies, and import them directly into the program.

Being the first time I imported and edited photos with this program, I was very impressed with how easy it was to use! When selecting the ‘edit’ option I was able to apply effects such as sappier, boost color, classic, and fade. I was also able to adjust certain qualities of the picture such as temperature, tint, and sharpness, with just the hit of a button.

I believe this resource would be both effective and appropriate for primary aged children. Not only can it be used to transform learning in syllabus key learning areas and strands such as visual arts, but with its easy to use interface, students can easily learn the skills whilst using it to transform their learning. In other words student’s wont be wasting all their precious learning time just developing their skills to use the program.

Another excellent feature of using such a program is the ability for student’s to publish their work by creating slideshows of their images. iphoto can automatically create such slideshows, or student’s can use a variety of free flash slideshow utilities such as Here is an example with the gummy bear pictures taken in my iphoto workshop. I added various effects and adjustments in iphoto before uploading the pictures to RockYou.

[rockyou id=121019062]

I believe the slideshow capabilities of the program, as well as online slide shows are excellent tools for assessment. iphoto slideshows can be exported and added to webpages, online slideshows also have the capability of being embedded into websites. Having student’s submit their slideshows or collaborating them into a web page will make them feel proud of their work as well as allow you to monitor completion!

> Visit my resource shelf to view more examples of slideshow websites

Overall, other aspects of iphoto such as the ability to easily import and organize the photos into albums, make the application a ten out of ten in my books for bringing digital images into the primary classroom. Oh, and the gummy bears were yummy too!

View the following pdf document for syllabus links with iphoto
(adapted from Board of Studies NSW (2000). Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus)


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