Before being introduced to the ebooks workshop I was not even aware of the technology. An ebook was traditionally created so that books could be viewed electronically. The benefit of ebooks today is that they are now interactive and can incorporate a variety of media such as images and audio. This means that not only are there a large variety of ebooks available on the internet, but also a variety of resources to create them!

Creating ebooks in the K-6 classroom can be effectively achieved using Microsoft Powerpoint. This was the approach taken in the workshop based on the HSIE content of Captain James Cook. A brief introductory story line was created as an ebook, with students required to create an ebook themselves for the ending concerning Captain James Cook’s secret mission. In powerpoint it was required that media, as well as navigation buttons were added , and slide transitions for professional presentation. It was an excellent ICT learning sequence encouraging students to reflect on KLA content, with the use of an open ended task.

The creation of ebooks in the classroom can enhance learning as students are able to learn content in a variety of key learning areas as well as create a variety of text types. It is also an excellent teaching and learning tool which can meet the needs of various learners needs such as ESL students, due to its multimodal approach.

Click the animated book to view an ebook with my further reflections on the application of ebooks in the K-6 curriculum.


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