Foundation Handwriting Fonts

School Fonts

School fonts are the official owners and license holders of the NSW foundation Handwriting Fonts.
Teachers wishing to obtain a copy of NSW or other state handwriting fonts for personal or home use must purchase the fonts directly from the school fonts website:

Handwriting and Mathematics Fonts

Handwriting fonts are a complete set of fonts for teachers and parents to make their own handwriting exercises, posters, crosswords, flashcards and other teaching resources on your computer.

The Maths fonts includes Geometric ShapesAny FractionMathematical Symbols, and Time and Money.

These handwriting fonts come in sets, and include: BoldDotsCursiveOutline, RegularNumbered Dots and Numbered Outline. Numbers are included. All our fonts are TrueType and scaleable to any size, available for both Macintosh, including OSX, and IBM compatible computers (PCs) running Windows, including XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Prices and Licensing

The cost for a School site licence is $60 per font set. For families and teachers an Individual License is $30. This price includes handling and postage.



or contact John Greatorex for further enquires 

16 comments on “Foundation Handwriting Fonts

  1. I am the director of nambucca heads preschool and am interested in buying the nsw foundation font for our preschool. Could you please let me know the paymennt options to purchase it.

    • Hi Debbie, easiest for you to email through a purchase order to ‘’ and School Fonts will email you the fonts with an invoice. Then you can pay by cheque, direct debit or Paypal.

  2. I don’t see what the problem is. Let’s pay for the fonts (only $30 to help your child learn how to write?) and be happy that our money will be going to help children in the NT who are WAY more disadvantaged in their learning opportunities and resources than we are. Seriously – $30 to help your child learn to write. Give them one less toy or one less takeaway this week. Or make your coffees at home this week instead of buying one each day. Have baked beans on toast one night for dinner. You’ll recoup your $30 in no time.
    Thank you, schoolfonts team, for developing this great resource, and good luck in raising your much-needed funds to help educate kids in NT.

  3. I do understand that designers spend a great deal of time creating fonts…and they are no doubt extremely talented at it as well…however a font much needed by thousands of children for their educational purposes and by teachers like myself who need them to teach literacy and writing in a font that is REQUIRED by the educational department…I feel that it is hardly fair to charge the exorbitant price that is required for this one font. Charge by all means…but a 50c CD with data that takes 30 seconds to install? I cannot understand how that can be justified…even with handling….sorry but I put so much of my own money back into teaching already. I cannot afford this type of expense as well. I guess many children would be deprived of the advantages they could get from having access to materials created with these fonts. I know my group of children will be. So so sad.

    • Hi Ildiko, yes it would be good for the fonts to be much cheaper, or even better freely available, and yes we’ve considered the second option. We keep selling licenses to use the set of eight fonts for $30 (about $3.70 a font) because as mentioned in a previous email all funds go to supporting First Nations students in the NT. There are still scores of First Nation towns where governments will not provide schools. If readers are interested to make tax-deductible donations to support these students and their families please email me.

  4. That’s fantastic John to know that I need not have been worried and that Emma was looked after so well. Emma’s my youngest sister and rang me in a tizz yesterday and I probably went overboard. Thanks for all your help.

  5. Thanks Jane, Emma ordered the fonts on the 23rd Oct, and I emailed them through to her the same day, on the 23rd. I sent the fonts to a hotmail acc, as indicated on the Paypal payment. On the 24th Emma emailed me from a gmail acc, asking me about a link to download the fonts. I replied that the fonts had already been sent through on the 23rd to a hotmail acc saying asked her to check the Inbox and Trash folders and if she couldn’t find them to email me. I’m very thankful to Paul for yesterday alerting me to these posts. Please also note: School Fonts pays no salaries, with funds supporting Black students and communities in the NT for whom the government does not provide schools.If you are interested, read the Case Studies at: Thanks again Jane for posting your concerns and the opportunity to clarify the situation. All the best.

  6. Hi,
    I have paid for the NSW foundation handwriting letter a few weeks ago – via paypal.. and have got nothing or cant download the font. How do I do it?

    • My sister (a primary school teacher) paid for these fonts today via PayPal and also cannot download what she paid for, as she was not provided with the promised link. She’s left phone messages and sent an email and still no reply. Dodgy supplier! I encouraged her to open a dispute with PayPal and get her money back. May I suggest you do the same if you haven’t already.

  7. “School fonts are the official owners and license holders of the NSW foundation Handwriting Fonts…” – so if I will make my own NSW foundation font with my own handwriting that will be what? braking your patent/copyrights?

    • Hi Jane, it’s John again from School Fonts. Will you please send through your sister’s name to me at In response to your post, phone messages are not retrieved during working hours, as I teach during the day, and often only begin font work late each night. Never-the-less all emails are responded to within 12 hours. So you know the facts, there is ‘no promised’ link, as it says on the School Fonts website “when we receive payment we will email you the fonts”. To date there are no outstanding orders for fonts. After 26 years of making and selling licenses to use our fonts, without a price rise in that time, School Fonts has an excellent reputation for customer service.

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